Friday, August 12, 2005

Phoenix or bust

Well as it turns out we've moved to Phoenix and the Spartan will be joining us later. It is unfortunate. I'll add the most recent photos soon. We didn't get it completely finished. The search for a place to park the Spartan will continue. I've looked into trailer parks and they don't appear to be an option. There are three criteria defining the three options for trailer parks. The first is that we be senior citizens. The second that our home be newer than 1975; during that time they redefined the mobile home. The third is that we be trashy. So we're looking for land that we can rent or maybe a house to buy; that would allow us to park the Spartan in the back and rent the house or use the Spartan for a guest house. That would be way in the future though. For now we will focus on our jobs.