Monday, November 15, 2004

3: interior

The floor now has a working surface. During the recent three weeks of torrential downpour I found that there were a few leaks in the seams. Turns out they were right in tech: water is our enemy. Hopefully I have solved that problem. Scott and I got a jump start this weekend on the insulation in the ceiling. We were able to use batt because the joists are 5 inches at their thickest point. In the walls I installed a layer of ½ inch rigid insulation that has a layer of aluminum on one side. I installed the aluminum side to the aluminum skin with a spacer to cut down on radiant and conductive heat respectively. And then I used a one inch R board that is extruded polystyrene with a layer of fiberglass on either side. As I said I dragged my ass on this because I was cutting around the electrical wires which we ran through holes designed in the aluminum studs. Once I make one last check for leaks we will be ready to start reskinning the interior.


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