Monday, November 15, 2004

2: exterior

If you are looking at the original pictures of the Spartan, the window unit is gone and the sawed off window frame is replaced by a fixed pane, the roof unit is replaced and the “chimney” is gone, the emblem at the front is yellow now and the section of aluminum it sits on is buffed thanks to Scott’s friend Floyd. The front window has a new gasket but still a gap (not that you can see the gap) as we are still trying to fit the curved plexi into shape. We know that originally the two curved pieces were plexi but we’re not sure these two are the original. The one on the left is giving us trouble so we may just recut it. A large gust of wind easily showed us that the aluminum of the front door is not the most structural of metals. There is a clasp to keep the door open but it must have slipped off letting the door slam shut breaking the lock and bending the aluminum. So that needs to be addressed. We’re thinking of a custom door but our original intent was to keep the exterior shell as pure as we can. We considered some paint schemes for awhile with the gentle coaxing of Floyd (he paints cars) but I think the only thing that we will paint is below the bottom runner. Someone felt a skirt was necessary and there are many holes in this section; our budget as of now allows putty and paint. Although at a later date we may replace the aluminum. So besides the door and a window I have to replace because I broke it the exterior just needs a slight buffing and a little paint.


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