Thursday, August 19, 2004


well we've striped the spartan from the inside out. all that remains are the 1.75in aluminum studs and the aluminum.. then the 5in aluminum joists. we've gone just down to the original tile which we'll seal before we put a working surface back on. we found about 20 ant colonies during the stripping process.. unless it was the same one moving from one eroded spot to the next. they're adaptive. and lots of spiders. oh i can't wait for the scorpians. so our next step is to seal the floor and walls and rewire the electricity. we're thinking of doing an on-demand water heater. they're more efficient and smaller but take lots of electricity initially so are more complex to wire. then we'll reinsulate and put on the finish walls and ceiling. we have the design more or less done. we'll keep the layout relatively the same. it's efficient.
we'll have some more pictures up soon hopefully.


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