Saturday, July 03, 2004

One for the Road

The past few nights we have stayed up extremely late perusing the internet for ideas of what the Spartan might have originally looked like. When these were new to the market, you had a few choices that one could make in purchasing your new trailercoach. The main difference we have seen during the research is the window number and location. We have yet to find an Imperial Mansion that has the same arrangement as ours.

When I was growing up and still to this day, my parents would go to auctions and buy things - many things: Big, small, vintage and even new (usually in mass quantities such as boxes full or trailers full). The items that were antique or vintage were always kept in the condition that they were found. There was an idea about preserving the old. Before I started architecture school I had come to the conclusion that this is how everything in the would should be treated. Buildings should be left in their original condition or preserved. If something were in need to be replaced then it should be replaced with something that copies the original. As my instruction in architecture increased, I quickly found out that there would be cases in design where what would have been preserved could compromise the design or keep it from being fully realized.

With the case of the Spartan we now find ourselves in a situation where we are posed with a set of rules. Some are original and some have been constructed according to a renovation that happened, as mentioned before, sometime in the mid 70’s. Neither one of us are in the mindset of attempting to restore the trailercoach to its pristine condition of 1955, but we are also not so blind as to try to understand and learn from what had existed before.