Monday, June 28, 2004

an image tells only a part


sweet as honey

Looks like we'll be around for a bit longer. We hoped we could have 'er cleaned up in two weeks... but we'll take 6 and hope that'll be enough. The carpet has to go, as does the bathroom. She lost some of 'er efficiency and beauty during a redo that we think by the sculpted shag was sometime in the 70s. We don't mind redoing the original birch. The aluminum frame and aluminum riveted wrapping around the entire body will be new to work with but I think we can figure it out. So we plan to head to Phoenix in September now. Maybe the heat will have risen out of the valley by then. And we'll search for a lot with a tree and a well. We're converting everything to electric so eventually we can use solar panels. Might as well do it up right.

76 | 80 begins

Jena and I did something completely radical today. After great consideration and time invested in researching ideas (one day to decide, 6 hours to research), we decided to start our first project and in turn our first residence.

We bought a Mansion. Portable. 43 Feet of Aluminum.